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Y&D offers first-rate, all-encompassing property management services so property owners can reap the benefits of their holdings while leaving the work in good hands.




Property owners and investors deserve property managers who treat their valued holdings as if it’s their own. At Y&D, your investment is our only priority and we take responsibility for every aspect of your property’s management needs


Y&D Management has earned acclaim for its efficiency in dealing with tenant requests, handling apartment turnover, and providing detailed accounting reports to owners. We’ve set the standard for excellence and success


The results speak for themselves! Property owners who contract with Y&D maximize the benefits of their investment, save on expenses and appreciate the peace of mind real estate is supposed to provide. Better care means better results!

Our Services

Rent Collection
Rent Collection

Tenants receive a monthly rental statement so they always are up to date on their payment status. Our office is equipped with professional systems in place to ensure that tenants are enabled to pay their rents.

Rent Collection
Tenant Requests

With vast experience in handling tenant requests, we know exactly what residents expect. Through our custom request tracking system, our clients save time and money.

Rent Collection
Repair & Maintenance

Our office is alert to all repair and maintenance issues. Tenants are able to reach us at any time, via email, text or phone to report any issues of repair that must be handled.

Rent Collection
Lease & Lease Renewals

In today’s constantly changing rental market, we ensure that local and state regulations are met with each lease and that all requirements relating to housing assistance are met.

Rent Collection
Apartment Turnover Services

Pre move-out inspections are conducted in advance of the expiration of the lease. Once the tenant has vacated the premises, our team checks again for any damages or missing items.

Rent Collection
Monthly & Annual Accounting Statement Preparation

Tracking the financial activity of your asset is made easy with our monthly and annual accounting statements...

About Y&D

More Care. More Trust.

Who We Are

A number of years ago, experienced real estate professionals Yoel and Dov?? set out to provide property management services that will give property owners more and demand of them less. They founded Y&D Management and the fledgling firm soon found their footing in Northern New Jersey where many Tri State businessmen own investment properties. Their cost effective measures in dealing with properties and their honesty in dealing with property owners have since catapulted them to the top of this competitive field.


What We Do

Y&D Management takes every property personally, and this attitude permeates all the firm’s activities. The team is on top of rent payments, swiftly handles repairs through an efficient ticket systems, deals with minor matters before they become big issues, and generally ensures that the property owner rests easy that his prized possessions are well taken care of. 


Those who contract with Y&D see the benefits of their investment maximized. The firm goes above and beyond to see that apartments are rarely vacant for long by ensuring that tenants appreciate the constant involvement and property oversight, and by swiftly finding quality replacements when an apartment becomes available. Property owners receive streamlined accounting reports regularly and the management team routinely shares the updates that individual owners find relevant.  


In short, Y&D continues to be an exemplar of what property management is supposed to be like!